Our Story

Fred was raised on a small farm, where fresh food was always in abundance. Growing up, his father owned and operated affordable housing units for low-income families.

One of his family’s traditions was to share their harvest. They would prepare bags of fresh produce and deliver them to the tenants while they collected rent.

For some, these were the only fresh vegetables they had seen in months. For those living in poverty, eating healthy food is often not an option. Fred has made it his mission to change that.

The Farmers’ Truck was created in 2015 to serve food deserts in greater Moncton, Canada. We now share what we’ve learned starting by designing the ultimate mobile market truck - a first of its kind in North-America.

Affordable and accessible, this truck empowers food banks and other organizations across the continent to serve food deserts in their community.

Bring fresh, accessible
food in your community.

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