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The Farmers’ Truck & Black Soil KY: Empowering Black Farmers for a Sustainable Future

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food security partnership

The Farmers’ Truck is excited to announce our new strategic food security partnership with Black Soil KY. A game changer for both businesses in the fight against food insecurity, this partnership merges innovative ideas, strategies, and most importantly solutions to strengthening local food systems and ending hunger.

Through this strategic food security partnership, Black Soil KY will become our largest partner and customer to date. Over the coming years, they will acquire a fleet of our mobile market trucks and leverage our expertise in food access and mobile markets, allowing us to expand our operations into Kentucky.

So, who are the folks behind Black Soil KY? We are more than happy to introduce you to them and their amazing work!

Introducing Our Newest Food Security Partnership: Black Soil KY

food security partnership

Black Soil KY is a Kentucky-based agribusiness on a mission “to reconnect Black Kentuckians to their legacy and heritage in agriculture.” 

They are passionate about farming, championing fresh local food, and empowering Black-owned businesses in the agricultural sector. They also dedicate themselves to bridging the gap between these small businesses and those who experience food insecurity and hunger.

Through education, agri-tourism, outreach, culinary events, and much more, this Black woman-owned business has revitalized the Black agricultural sector within Kentucky in only seven short years.

By supporting and uplifting both those who produce and prepare healthy foods and their community at large, they are creating stronger local food systems for Kentuckians and beyond.

Breaking down Barriers One Truck at a Time

food security partnership

Of course, all this incredible work doesn’t come without its challenges. And that’s where we, The Farmers’ Truck, come in.

Black Soil KY understands that small and mid-size agribusinesses face a lot of the same barriers, making it difficult to close the loop between producer and consumer.

Transportation is one of the main obstacles for smaller-scale producers and distributors. It is expensive to operate and maintain the equipment needed to take their goods to market. Securing reliable methods of transport can be difficult due to the historical lack of funding and support for Black farmers. Not to mention, the need to refrigerate fresh produce and meat during transport over long distances is a must – but also a challenge to acquire.

The proper infrastructure needed to operate a farm, set up a market stall, sell goods, and keep them fresh can also be difficult to obtain. To run a sustainable business, farmers know they need (and indeed, should have access to) innovative technologies and systems in place to become competitive and stay competitive.

Another common struggle for many small to mid-size Black-owned farms is marketing. It can be time-consuming and difficult for farmers who are already so busy producing quality goods to know when and how to effectively market their businesses and reach the right audience.

Recognizing these barriers, Black Soil KY set out in search of solutions that could help empower and sustain the Black agricultural sector well into the future. Our new C-Model mobile market refrigerated truck provides the ideal 3-in-1 solution. As a result, our strategic food security partnership was born.

The Importance of Our Food Security Partnership

Top view old farmers truck display

It’s no secret that our food supply chain is broken. In the US, there is a record amount of food waste, yet too many people are still going hungry. Others are chronically ill and dying because they can’t access healthy, wholesome foods.

If we are to fix this, you can’t understate the importance of small and mid-size agribusinesses and how vital they are in sustaining a healthy food supply chain. That’s why supporting these businesses now is more critical than ever.

Black farmers have a rich history in the United States and Black Soil KY is dedicated to continuing that legacy. These farmers have the expertise and the means to offer culturally appropriate, healthy foods to their local markets, which is exactly what their communities need – and want – more of.

Eliminating the barriers we mentioned earlier is a must if these farmers are to get their products to market. For farmers and other food access organizations having customized, branded, and state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks is a powerful tool to help overcome these obstacles.

Cultivating a Better Future

food security partnership

The Farmers’ Truck and Black Soil KY have a shared vision of reducing hunger in support of The White House National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health. Together, our goal is to feed 1 million ​​families per week across the United States.

Black Soil KY’s connections and knowledge of Black agribusiness coupled with the technologies, expertise, and capabilities of The Farmers’ Truck come together to support and empower Black farmers across Kentucky. This in turn will help to create stronger local food systems that support the health and wellbeing of Kentuckians and others for decades to come.

It is our collective mission to showcase and amplify the diversity of food and culture that Black farmers bring to the table. Through our Strategic Partnership, we aim to create an equitable and sustainable agricultural sector that will nourish the state and beyond.

Join Us at State of the Soil 2024

food security partnership

We couldn’t be more excited and hopeful for what our partnership with Black Soil KY means in the fight against food insecurity and hunger and also in the empowerment of Black farmers in Kentucky.

In addition to equipping Black Soil KY clients with a fleet of trucks over the coming years, we’re also excited to announce that we are a featured sponsor and presenter at Black Soil KY’s inaugural event State of the Soil.

Taking place Sept. 8 to 11, 2025, State of the Soil is the premier conference for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture and creating an equitable farming sector for Black Kentuckians. Connect with experts, farmers, activists, and others who are passionate about healthy food and healthy food systems.

Join us in celebrating our new partnership with Black Soil KY and the future of Black agribusiness in Kentucky by registering for State of the Soil today.


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Lorraine Dufour Lorraine is a freelance Canadian copywriter for sustainable businesses.

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