Frederic Laforge Co-Founder & CEO @ The Farmers' Truck

New Mobile Market Pilot Set To Empower Food Security Efforts In California And Beyond.

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The Farmers' Truck - 2021 California Pilot
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Contact: Tanya Kelley
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Canadian Social Enterprise lands social impact investment to launch mobile markets in Central Valley, California.

The Farmers’ Truck offers a key-in-hand mobile market vehicle solution, helping food security organizations increase access to fresh, healthy food in their communities.

For their clients, mostly non-profits battling food insecurity, launching a mobile market is ideal for their mission but making this business model sustainable is challenging. “Mobile market operators need to consider everything from sourcing food, merchandising, fundraising, marketing, and building community partnerships, just to get started.” says co-founder and CEO, Frederic Laforge. “Our goal is to remove those barriers and empower these food security efforts both in Central Valley and all over North America.”

They’re doing this by introducing a pilot that will provide three lucky non-profit organizations with everything they need to launch their own mobile market. “The Farmers’ Truck – 2021 California Pilot” will provide a mobile market truck to 3 selected non-profit organizations in central valley California, as well as operational funding, employee training, operational tools, and coaching necessary to achieve the goals of the pilot.

The pilot aims to address 3 main challenges with mobile markets:

  1. Lowering the barrier of entry to start a mobile market.
  2. Increasing the financial sustainability of mobile markets.
  3. Measuring the social impact of mobile markets.

The pandemic has drastically increased the rate of food-insecurity all over the world and it’s a shame.” – Fred says, “How can someone be healthy if they can’t eat healthy? That’s why fresh food should be accessible in every community.

California non-profits wishing to apply can visit for eligibility requirements and application.

About The Farmers’ Truck: The Farmers’ Truck is a social enterprise with a bold vision: Fresh, accessible food in every community. Their first mobile market was created in 2015 to increase fresh, local food access in their community. They now share their learnings while providing a key-in-hand mobile market solution for organizations to bring fresh, accessible food in their community. 

Frederic Laforge Co-Founder & CEO @ The Farmers' Truck

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