Impact Report

Mobile farmers’ markets are addressing healthy food access

We’ve created this in-depth Impact Report on mobile farmers’ market programs to shed light on their positive impact. This report highlights the value of mobile farmers’ markets and how community wellness programs such as these increase healthy food access in underserved communities.

Food access in the United States and North America is unequal. Discover how mobile farmers’ market programs are part of the solution to bring fresh, accessible fruits and vegetables to underserved communities.

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This Impact Report
will acquaint you with:
  • First-hand accounts of those
    living in food deserts.

  • Organizations utilizing mobile
    farmers’ markets as a solution.

  • Data-driven analysis on food insecurity.

Showing The Value of These Community Wellness Initiatives at Increasing Healthy Food Access

Fighting for food justice and increasing food access is incredibly hard, yet rewarding work.
Don’t you wish that more people understood that? We do too!

We want everyone to be aware of the existence of mobile market programs, the benefits,
the challenges, and how they can directly address those challenges.
That’s why we’ve created this report entitled: “Exploring Mobile Market Programs: The Value of These Community Wellness Initiatives at Increasing Healthy Food Access Across the United States.”

This report is aimed at amplifying how important a mobile farmers’ market program can be for your organization and your community. And it lays out the role that politicians and other decision-makers can play in facilitating mobile market programs to operate successfully.

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Mobile Farmers’ Market Program Leaders
Thank you to the mobile farmers’ market partners we’ve worked with
who help increase fresh and healthy food access to underserved communities.