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The Farmers’ Truck – 2021 California Pilot

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The Farmers' Truck - 2021 California Pilot

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Mobile Farmers’ markets have increased in popularity as an affordable and efficient way to increase fresh food access in underserved communities. 

The Farmers’ Truck is a social enterprise with a bold vision: Fresh, accessible food in every community. We created our first mobile market in 2015, our second mobile market in 2016 and our online store with home deliveries in 2017.

Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how challenging the model can be. It takes a lot of hard work to operate a mobile market, even harder to balance your impact and financial sustainability. It can get overwhelming juggling everything from sourcing food, merchandising, fundraising, marketing, building community partnership, just to name a few. 

More often than not, we see mobile markets close their operations after a few short years due to a lack of financial sustainability. All of these long hours of work, volunteers, perseverance, aspirations, are now all gone. The worst part is the struggling communities are back to square one.

Our goal is to change that.

We now design mobile market vehicles and are launching a new service we call Mobile Market Services. Our goal is to launch as many mobile market initiatives as we can, empowering food security efforts all over North America.

It is a fact that most funders intend on supporting these initiatives to start but long term expects some financial stability. That is where The Farmers’ Truck model comes in.

The Farmers’ Truck model is, first and foremost, driven by societal progress specifically, increasing access to fresh healthy food. We celebrate food and social inclusion where everyone benefits.

We enable these efforts by utilizing for-profit practices to generate income. By making healthy profits from serving the more fortunate population, we can use the funds to address the lack of fresh food access in underserved communities.

It is fair to say that this model is not the most impactful, since it does not solely focus on underserved areas, but it is certainly the most sustainable – and sustainability is key.

The Farmers’ Truck Pilot will provide a mobile market truck to 3 selected non-profit organizations in central valley California, as well as operational funding, employee training, operational tools, and coaching necessary to achieve the goals of the pilot.

How to Apply

  1. Sign up below to receive the application document.
  2. Check out our webinar recordings below for more details.
  3. Submit your final application before March 5th @ 5 PM (PST)

Informational Webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Farmers’ Truck – 2021 California Pilot?

A: The Farmers’ Truck Pilot will provide a mobile market truck to 3 selected non-profit organizations in central valley California, as well as operational funding, employee training, operational tools, and coaching necessary to achieve the goals of The pilot.

2. I already have a mobile market, can I be part of the Pilot?

A: If you already have a mobile market vehicle you are still eligible for the pilot. If selected, you would receive complementary support through our Mobile Market Services. We’re excited to teach others how to run a mobile market, this is the purpose of The Pilot.  

3. Do I have to be located in Central Valley California to qualify for this pilot?

A: At this time The Pilot is only available in Central Valley, however, we will be expanding throughout North America so we encourage you to apply now for future openings.

4. When will I know if my organization was chosen?

A: We plan on choosing our first partner to start onboarding in late March 2021. An additional two partners will be selected in May 2021.

5. Is there a chance to still be part of The Pilot even after you have three partners chosen?

A: Additional partners will be selected on a rolling basis dependent on funding. 

6. What type of support can I expect to receive if I am chosen?

A: The Farmers’ Truck will set each organization up for success with operational training, assisting with community engagement, access to professional marketing and grant writers, and providing one-on-one coaching dedicated to ensuring your success. 

7. Where can I get more information?

A: Please check out the informational webinar for more details or contact us at

8. Who can apply for The Farmers’ Market Pilot?

A: Any non-profit organization with 501-c-3 status is eligible to apply. Applicant organizations must primarily serve and operate in central valley, California. You’ll also need access to secure vehicle storage with access nearby to 120v plug to charge vehicle batteries. That’s it!

9. Can the Mobile Market Service be part of our organization after the 12-month pilot? 

A: Organizations that successfully follow The Farmers’ Truck model and achieve our goals will be invited to renew their agreement every year dependent on funding.

10. What happens if we want to Opt-Out after The Pilot?

A: If our pilot model does not meet your needs and your organization is no longer interested in operating a mobile market, no worries, we will find a good home for the program. You can opt-out of the program after finishing your 12 months of operation. The 12 months of operation starts after the onboarding.

11. Will the clients the Mobile Truck serves need to purchase the produce?

A: The purpose of The Farmers’ Truck 2021 California Pilot is to test a new model that balances financial sustainability and social impact. The produce that is designated for the mobile truck needs to be sold.

Frederic Laforge Co-Founder & CEO @ The Farmers' Truck

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  1. This was popular at my apt complex in Sacramento several years ago. We did have farmers mkt this summer in Paradise but would be nice especially in apt where there are seniors.

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